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“Oh, No! What DO I Do Now?”

I was a practicing lawyer for 15 years, an adjunct Professor for 7 years, and a judge for 12 years, and I still encounter situations where I am the proverbial “deer in the headlights.” Lucky for me, throughout my career, I have always had a mentor with whom I could, confidentially, discuss my 
dilemma and get some good advice.

I wouldn’t say I am the best at anything in particular, but I have done pretty well. I attribute my success to the mentors who generously gave me their time and advice.

Seriously, do you have someone who you can go to, in confidence, and honestly reveal the dilemma you are in? Someone you trust? Someone whose advice you trust?

Who is your mentor?

It does not matter if you are in your first year or your thirty-first year of practice, it is essential to have a mentor.

You do not go looking for a mentor when you encounter a dilemma! You get a mentor, and develop a relationship with your mentor, while things are going well. THEN, when the problem or crisis arises – and it will—you have someone you know you can go to and rely upon.

If you need a mentor, the First Circuit Professionalism Committee has volunteers who stand ready, willing, and able. All you need to do is contact Dennis Brannon at 850-659-2252 or Terence A. Gross at 434-3333.

Hon. Ross M. Goodman

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