2/6/2019 Newsletter – Walton County Bar Association
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2/6/2019 Newsletter
WCBA FEBRUARY 2019 NEWS News You Can Use from the Walton County Bar Association
In this issue:  
– Letter from the President
– February Lunch & Learn
– Other News and Announcements
– Photos 
2019 Calendar of Events
* 2/8: Investiture of Judge Lacey Powell Clark
* 2/21: Extended Lunch & Learn with 2 hr CLE
* 3/13: Social Luncheon
* 4/5: Investiture of Judge Jeffrey Burns
* 4/16: Nighttime Networking
* 5/8: Evening CLE with TFB President Michelle Suskauer
* 6/14: WCBA Symposium
* 8/14: Lunch & Learn CLE
* 9/18: Evening CLE with TFB President John Stewart
* 10/10: Nighttime Networking
* 11/13: Veteran’s Day Lunch
* 12/11: Annual Holiday Luncheon  

President’s Letter:

February…the love month!  Where we live, it always feels like a month of anticipation to me.  It’s the shortest of the year, so it always seems to fly by.  The weather begins to hint toward warmer temperatures, with enough crisp coolness still in the air to bring a flush to the cheeks and clarity to the thinking.  For those of us with younger children, February marks the last month before the steep downhill slide into the end of the school year.  In many ways, February seems a more apt divider for the year than January – it brings us the end of winter and the Super Bowl, but also Chinese New Year and the rebirth of spring.  While January can be a month for retrospection and planning, February is where the planning finds feet for its action.

This month, we are bringing an extra hour of learning to our monthly luncheon, with timely topics that effect all of us, no matter what our area of practice: cybersecurity and essentials of bankruptcy.  While taking that extra time away from the office may feel like a sacrifice too great, consider the benefits before opting out of this month’s meeting.  Socializing with fellow attorneys increases the professionalism of our Bar; everyone needs CLE credits and this month comes with TWO of them; learning about cybersecurity (and implementing good practices) can protect you and your clients from the staggering costs of cybercrime ($500 billion globally, or $3.8 million for a data breach at an average company); understanding bankruptcy essentials could allow you to provide live-changing direction to a client in your practice (especially if you miss the boat on that cybersecurity class!); and if none of those benefits do it for you, there will be lunch AND dessert!  Think of the February luncheon as an extra soaking of water to ensure those seeds of success you planted in January will blossom in the spring of 2019.

Speaking of seeds of success, I hope you have all seen or read about the Florida Pro Bono Law School Challenge, going on now through May 10.  If you haven’t, please visit THIS WEBSITE today and sign up to participate.  It only takes a minute to scroll through the available cases where you can partner with a law student from a Florida school (your alma mater, perhaps) and sign up to help them help a needy client who can’t afford access to justice.  You’ll maximize the impact of your pro bono service: a law student will get some much-needed mentoring, a client will get the help they need but can’t afford, and the legal profession as a whole will benefit when the public sees us doing good because we can, not because of the financial benefits we receive.  It’s like pouring Miracle Gro on those pro bono hours!

While there are those who will say February is dark and dreary, a hiccup in the calendar, a terrible month for sports (they aren’t wrong there) and filled with saccharine marketing gimmicks, I chose to focus on love, anticipation, tending seeds and giving hope.  William Cullen Bryant had similar thoughts on this month.  He said, “The February sunshine steeps your boughs and tints the buds and swells the leaves within.”  Better soak it all up…28 days go quickly.

In service,

Lori Ellen Ward
WCBA 2019 President
850-460-8913 (office)
850-585-0657 (Cell) 

February Event: WCBA Extended Lunch & Learn CLE with Charles “Chip” Koval, Esq., Underwriting Counsel for First American Title

Supporting sponsorship provided by Warren Averett 

Date: February 21, 2019
Time: 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Location: Cantina Laredo, Grand Boulevard
Cost: WCBA Member $20, Non-Member $25 (cost covers lunch)
Click here for Flyer

Please arrive by 11:45 so you have time to check in and order your lunch prior to the CLE which will start promptly at noon. 
Click here to Register

Other News and Announcements:

Judge Green’s New JA

– Judge Green has a new Judicial Assistant working for him. Her name is Sue Thorn and she can be reached at sue.thorn@flcourts1.gov

Investiture of Judge Lacey Powell Clark

– All are invited to the investiture of The Honorable Lacey Powell Clark to be held Friday, February 8, 2019 starting at 2:30 p.m. at the M.C. Blanchard Building, 190 Governmental Center, Courtroom 407, Pensacola, Florida. Click here for Invitation

If you take pictures at any law-related event, please share them with us for inclusion in a future newsletter: waltoncountybarassociation@gmail.com
Networking Pop-Up Membership Event at Shunk Gulley Oyster Bar on January 15, 2019
Networking Pop-Up Membership Event at Nick’s Seafood on January 17, 2019

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